Escape to Broome during the Tropical Summer Season

Broome’s Tropical Summer Season extends from October to March and is when Broome and Kimberley really come alive. Whilst the town is a bit quieter, there are still many things to do, not to mention some of the world’s best beaches within a short drive from Broome.

People often ask “What can I do in Broome during the Wet Season?”. But in reality, we don’t have a Wet Season, it is a tropical summer with occasional rain. It is hot and humid and a good time to slow down the pace and forget the rat race.

Broome is also known for its laid-back atmosphere and relaxing beaches that allow visitors to leave their hectic lives behind while they enjoy Broome’s tropical climate.

So pack your sunnies, hats, boardshorts and sunscreen and get on the next Broome-bound flight!

Here’s our definitive guide to visiting Broome over the Tropical Summer Season.

Broome Weather

Larja – October and November
Mankala – December to the end of March

These months are generally hot and humid with occasional storms. In my twenty years in Broome, the first rains usually occur around Christmas, but that is not to say you won’t get some occasional showers earlier. This is one of the best reasons to travel to Broome over this period. The lightning and thunderstorms, when they come, can be real sights to behold. Often you can hear the thunder rumbling in the distance. As the build-up occurs during the day and if it makes it to Broome, there is often a strong gusty wind preceding the tropical rain which cools everything down. These are often short welcome showers that bring everything alive.


Most of the resorts are still open but some occasionally close for renovations, usually over February. Accommodation rates are often negotiable, especially for 7 days or more, with really good rates available. Look for properties that have shade covered pools, green gardens to keep the place cool, and nice big verandahs to relax on (hmmm that could be Habitat Resort Broome!). This is also the time of year for Staycations for the locals who book themselves into a resort for 5 -10 nights and just chill out in another world.

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Broome Tours

Croc park is open, camels don’t stop but may require minimum numbers, Wille Creek Pearl Farm tours are usually operating. Most sea-based tours finish as the operators take the boats out in preparation for the cyclone season, and they also perform annual maintenance. Some of the aviation companies are still operating and can provide great scenic tours over areas that aren’t accessible by vehicles. Contact Habitat Resort reception and we can discuss with you what is available – (08) 9158 3500.

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Broome Flights
(Special on now until 1 Nov.)

This is the best value time to visit Broome, airfare specials are available, often at quite short notice so you can be spontaneous. Look for airfares less than $199 per person Perth to Broome each way.

Virgin Australia

Perth to Broome
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Travel Dates:
16 Nov 2021 – 15 Dec 2021 from $185
12 Jan 2022 – 16 Apr 2022 from $179
27 Apr 2022 – 18 June 2022 from $179

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Qantas Airlines

Perth to Broome from $219

Travel Dates:
22 Nov 2021 – 17 Dec 2021 from $219
17 Jan 2022 – 13 Mar 2022 from $219

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Darwin to Broome from $175
Travel Dates:
25 Oct 2021 – 30 Nov 2021

Kununurra to Broome from $175
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25 Oct 2021 – 14 Dec 2021

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Children’s Activities

Water park and playground at Town Beach (go in the morning or afternoon when it is not too hot). Pools. pools, pools. It is the perfect time to get the children’s swimming skills up a level or two as they will want to hit the pool and pool slide in the morning, lunch and dinner before they collapse exhausted and give you the evening to yourself.

Restaurant & Golf Clubhouse

Some of the restaurants will close down for a six-eight week break over about January to February but you will generally find that there is still more than enough choice with stalwarts like Matsos, Little India, Zanders, the Mangrove, Roey and Divers hotels and others still open. Christmas lunch options always require a little bit of research each year. The Broome Golf Club bar, which is right beside Habitat Resort is open all year round.


The retailers in Broome are pretty resilient and most of them are still operating over the Tropical Summer period, including supermarkets and jewellery shops. Plenty of opportunities to top up on bling or buy some Christmas gifts. There are no queues in the post office and supermarket – a common complaint by locals in the dry season.

How long should I stay

The Tropical Summer Season is a time to turn the heart rate down and really chill out. It usually takes a couple of days to get used to the heat and into a bit of a rhythm. There is always plenty to do so don’t worry about that. My suggestion would be a minimum of 5 days but 7 days would get the heart rate to the right level.

Events & Must-Do’s

The Saturday markets are on, especially with a great pre-Christmas market. The sunsets can be absolutely amazing with the clouds causing the sunset to be more vivid than normal and the sky lights up with a kaleidoscope of colours.

Broome Beaches

Broome has lots of them. Cable Beach, Town Beach, Riddell Beach, Simpson’s Beach, Entrance Point and Gantheaume Point and that is just in the town area, with lots more around. You really can’t beat a sunrise walk at 6 am along with one of the beaches. And you have so much beach to yourself! Habitat Resort has its own access track to Simpson Beach on Roebuck Bay.

Yep, the jellyfish might be around though some of the locals still go for a dip, and if there is an occasional crocodile, the beaches are closed until the authorities catch the croc or deem it to be safe.

Broome Cyclones

Similar to the misunderstood wet/dry season concept, many people are often not familiar with cyclones. Cyclones are large tropical lows that have developed into more intense windy and wet weather events. They often take days to form and there is usually plenty of warning through the weather channels, so there is usually sufficient time to plan. Usually, the cyclone is over within 24-36 hours. The people of Broome are pretty aware of cyclones and will provide advice if one is imminent, so don’t panic.

Getting Around

We strongly recommend car hire to get around, but there are also abundant private taxi services as well as the Town Bus service.


The tropical Summer Season is a great time to visit Broome. Broome is at its sleepy but tropical best. There is enough to keep you busy, but not too busy, and plenty of pools to have a good swim and relax.

So if you want to slow right down, perhaps have the thrill of an occasional tropical storm or lightning display, or a quiet Ginger Beer on your verandah whilst peeling a bucket of prawns, you should consider booking your next holiday to Broome during our Tropical Summer Season.

"A Perfect place to relax after a hot day exploring."
It was like an oasis as soon as you turned into the property, like turning into a tropical forest. The swimming pools were very clean and a pleasure to get into after a hot day out. The staff were very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

~ Patrick (Australia)